Being a partner of, our team aspires to attain a varied portfolio having flexible and adjustable investment processes, that provide the needed conditions for capital growth.

Signals Today is a dedicated investment advisor seeking the best opportunities for you to have in the most active and interesting global growth markets. We are located in Singapore and London, and we also have a very professional team in the field of global investments with over 30 years of experience in equities, fixed income, private equity and venture capital transactions, with a cumulative transaction turnover value of more US$3 billion.

Our investment strategy seeks balance, where it depends on a varied combination between both stocks and bonds. We are currently investing in Asian, European, and North American companies in numerous sectors most importantly targeting the quality of management, long-term growth proposals where revenue growth is always our goal, capital efficiency, and of course protective moats.

Our strategy is to invest in sectors in which growth and reinforcement takes place, whether they are performing or underperforming companies, support buy and build strategies or rapid growth, and businesses undergoing important and critical functional or strategic change. Each and every investment we make, is mainly driven by our desire to achieve both capital appreciation through EBITDA growth, mainly supported by revenue organically and by acquisition.



1- One of a kind Analysis package.

Aswaq today has been continuously developing its trading programs ever since its launching in 2006 to cope with the specific and critical needs of our clients. Our technical analysis package includes dozens of favored indicators to analyze graphs and completely integrate automated trading advisors. In addition to that, We have several flexible commission structures, competitive differences, and also prolonged high financial liquidity.

2- We work through First-class banks only.

All of our client's money, either from personal or organizational bank accounts, are distinctly reserved and separated from Aswaq Today's money in First-class banks, for example, Barclays and HSBC.

3- No Margin-Call

Aswaq today will never close a client's transaction willingly by any means.

4- With Aswaq today, you will never deal with a negative balance or debt accumulation.

While dealing with Aswaq today, you will never have to deal with debt, where the maximum amount of loss, is the deposited amount itself.

5- Instant transaction completion.

It's unthinkable to have any contradicted services while working with Aswaq today, where your orders for purchasing or selling are performed without any processing or clearance. That will guarantee you not to have any manipulations. Not only that, but it will also allow you to deal and deliberate according to the strategy that suits you the best, which also includes walling and instant speculations.

6- We are 100% committed to carry out your orders about taking profits or stopping loss.

Aswaq Today executes your orders to close a transaction according to the price set by you in a very accurate and proper way. We want you to be 100% sure that Aswaq Today will always respect your preferences concerning closing and stopping your transactions automatically in all your accounts dealing with us.

7- No freezing or fixing to the exchange rates.

Aswaq Today can guarantee you clear and distinct exchange rates through direct contact with dozens of First-class banks. Therefore, our clients can always obtain an accurate, continuous, and fast price flow. With Aswaq Today you can always fulfill your transactions all the time, even during high consultations or news issuance.

8- Transact anywhere you are.

Aswaq Today offers its clients 14 advanced and modern trading platforms that guarantee to completely suit all of our clients' precise needs . So either you were on your desk, on your phone, on your laptop, or even with your friends, you can easily and directly reach one or more of Aswaq Today's platforms. Not only that, but nowadays you can even trade using your modern digital watch through a developed application that was launched by Aswaq Today at the beginning of this year!

9- Lower, consistent, and competitive price difference.

Price differences won't expand under any market conditions! Price differences in Aswaq Today, Which in fact starts from only one point, is constant and very competitive, where it is one of the most important factors to attracts mores trades with Aswaq Today.

10- Securing our client's privacy and money on the internet.

Aswaq Today is very proud of its agreements that are made with several major organizations to protects and secure its clients' information through the internet, where Aswaq Today is the only trading company approved by Forex to accept money up to 100,000 US Dollar through visa cards or master cards. Not only that, but Aswaq Today also uses security programs to secure its services and websites from any viruses or attempts to penetrate its database. In addition to all that, we also use SSL operating system to delete the information of the credit cards used in our website.