Why should you choose Aswaq today?

Because we are the pioneers in Forex, stocks and goods trading.

Aswaq Today has strong and secure banking relations with a variety from the best money liquidity providers from the best banks and financial organizations worldwide. Providing a huge number of price differences providers in a solid and instant way all the time is of great importance in Forex's constantly changing markets. Not only that, but providing them will also ensure you have a greater level of security rather than just depending on one price differences provider, who might expand the price difference, or even not price at all.

And while our competitors are trying to follow in our footsteps and develop a system which can carry out transactions without passing it through a processing room, Aswaq Today has successfully done that already. Having several huge financial organizations which directly provides Aswaq Today's clients will always ensure you that you'll pay a small and constant competitive commission for all your transactions. In addition to that, you will have the constant ability to use the trading indicator you want whenever you.

Aswaq Today is committed to never take a position in the market, and that is to remove any contradictive interests with our clients. Our competitive and attractive commissions offered by Aswaq Today is another motive for us to offer solid, secure, and flexible transaction programs, so that our clients can have these competitive commissions without the need to be committed to its interest in case there weren't any flexible and solid transaction programs available to overcome repricing.