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Maintaining long-term relationships with ASWAQ.TODAY clients.

Being in a cooperative environment reflects how far we appreciate long-term relationships, and how they affect and reinforce our abilities, which in return benefits our clients, and makes us committed to providing them with stable ongoing banking relationships.

We are invested in our corporate culture.

We believe that nothing can lead to long-time success as having a strong, supportable, and a cooperative ethical culture does. Where it has been proven multiple times that firms that have a strong and productive culture will surely reap the harvest of that and get many benefits. Not only that, but these firms also have higher financial performance, and maintain a higher level of satisfaction not only for their clients, but also for their employees, where the employees have a more productive environment to work in.

Environmental and social risk management

In order to manage environmental and social risk that could be possibly experienced by our clients or our firm, we apply a prosperous and powerful risk framework to all of our transactions, products, services and activities. This risk framework is reinforced by our stringent due diligence process which helps to pinpoint and diagnose any environmental and social risks which can be affiliated with a particular client, partner, or transaction.