Being involved in various investments, a wide range of skills are significant to achieve success, such as being focused, analytic, and creative, that's why our team is very skilled in investments, restructuring, trading, economics, politics, and market psychology and are always ready to face all the challenges that might meet them in trading.

We look for people who are both, experienced and have special skills and traits as mentioned before, and of course have strong growth in our targeted markets, and we can ensure that you will have an abundant opportunity to develop your potentials. We believe in people who are well-experienced in trading fixed income and equities, private equity, property investment or asset management firms, from an investment banking or similar background, and we are always trying to reinforce our teams with professional experience, who can work with us to get the best and maximum benefit and value out of our investments. In addition to that, having dealt with similar markets before and having a strong understanding of the economic drivers in developing countries is highly valued and appreciated.

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