Investor Relations

The whole board of signals today, as directors and the managements, is very familiar with the importance of having a cooperated governance practices, which in fact helps in maintaining an environment which is strongly responsible and administrated.

At signals today, one of our priorities is to make sure that the companies we invest in are legally and responsibly managed, and we believe that this is the key to deserve your trust, where this helps us be committed to the best interests of our partners all the times. The board of directors of signals today cares mostly about the long-term success of its portfolio companies. Not only does they maximize shareholder wealth, but they also make sure to promote their relationships with employees, banks, and transaction partners, because what's more important than keeping a good sound business reputation and considering the company's impact on the community and the environment? We also believe that the better our cooperative responsibilities are, the better business sense we have, because it has the potential to secure and reinforce investment returns. Therefore, our investment process takes environmental, social and governance issues into consideration when these have a material impact on either investment risk or return.