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Our efficiency comes from having an experienced and dedicated team, that has the ability to generate long-term value by providing capital appreciation and preservation for our investors' assets. Not only that, but also we have created a distinct atmosphere for our work environment and workforce, which is critical to invest globally.

We have a very professional team in the field of global investments with over 30 years of experience in equities, fixed income, private equity and venture capital transactions, with a cumulative transaction turnover value of more US$3 billion. In addition to that, our team is also experienced in energy, utilities, basic materials, retail and industrial equities and credits, and cross-sector special situation opportunities.

Our team can provide you with accurate services, such as original, fundamental insights, and analysis in the equity and fixed income markets. In addition to that, the team also enjoys different types of sports, for instance, Formula One, football (soccer), golf, and tennis.